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What does ITTE have to do with MTC you ask? The idea for the ITTE came from the staff of MTC. Contacts with people to help make it happen were successfully made. Lots of contacts with potential participants were made. A lot of planning was done and it happened. Twice it happened and then came the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 show was canceled as were many other events that year. Because of the long lead time needed to make an event like this happen the decision to hold or cancel the 2021 show was made early in 2021. Sadly the decision was to cancel the 2021 show also.

You are most likely interested in trains or you would not be reading this. We invite you to simply click the link below to visit the MTC website where you can find what MTC has to offer to help you fulfill your interest in trains. There are lots of items in a variety of scales.

Visit Model Train Classics . com

then visit our Model Train Classics store

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